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Are you having difficulty competing effectively?

Provision for Sports believes that Partnership and Sponsorship is a fundamental factor in every company, in order to achieve its goals. Any prospective Company or Organisation can be involved, foreseeing to support the community and also to improve its brand identity, image and perception.

Our company believes to the Exchange Theory which says: When parties engage in some sort of arrangement or partnership, they will both offer something of value to the other. The value can be manifest in a number of forms like monetary benefit, commercial benefit, physical benefit or social benefit. So you are more than welcome to support our attempt.

Prospective Companies, Enterprises or Organisations can choose their Sponsorship involvement, between:

  1. Provision for Sports Sponsorship
  2. Website Sponsorship
  3. Event Sponsorship

If you would like to know more about being Provision for Sports sponsor and how your company will be promoted please contact us. 


Sponsor of:

3rd Pankyprian Wellness & Fitness Conference

For more information please click here!

Media Sponsor of:

3rd Pankyprian Wellness & Fitness Conference