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TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit

TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit

Price: 190€ (Included V.A.T.) 

Package Includes:

  • TRX Rip Trainer
  • Medium resistance cord with protective nylon cover
  • Door anchor
  • Carrying bag
  • Rip Trainer Basic DVD includes a 30-minute real-time workout as well as set up, safety and use instruction.
  • A 25-page, 18-exercise workout guide
  • Carabiner
  • Safety Strap

Originally created to meet the needs of combat sport athletes and physical therapists the Rip Trainer provides a unique mix of rotational resistance, core stability, and coordination training. Its innovative lever bar and resistance cord system creates a variable, asymmetric load, ideal for training balance, explosive power, or adding a high-intensity metabolic challenge to your workouts. The Rip Trainer is scalable to all levels of fitness, easily portable and can be used virtually anywhere by attaching it to any secure anchor point. Build 3-D strength because life comes at you from all angles.​

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