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TRX® Suspension Training

Price: 25€ (Included V.A.T.)

TRX All Body Flexibility Poster
Improve your flexibility and strength with 12 easy, total-body stretches, clearly illustrated on a tear-proof poster. It’s the perfect decoration for your workout room.

TRX All B...


TRX Core Strength Vol. 1 DVD

TRX All Body Xpress DVD

Price: 25€ (Included V.A.T.)

TRX Essentials: Strength DVD

TRX Boot Camp:Ropes+Straps DVD

TRX Bo...


TRX® Suspension Training® Zone

The TRX® Suspension Training® Zone is the complete small and large group functional training solution for clubs and fitness centers.

The TRX® Suspension Training® Zone is fully supported with onsite education, turn-key marketin...

TRX® Suspension Training Course (STC)

Learn to maximize the benefits of the system and how to perform all exercises safely and correctly. This eight-hour, hands-on course explains and demonstrates set-up in a wide variety of locations, and...

TRX® Suspension Training®

TRX® Overview

• Born in the Navy Seals
• Total Body Resistance eXercise
• Industrial Strength Soft Nylon
• Non-elastic
• Adjustable Straps
• Foot Cradles
• Var...