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GR.A.F.T.S. Hellas and Radical Fitness  will be organise the Pankyprian Wellness & Fitness Conference for third time in Cyprus and it will be held at the premises of the European University of Cyprus (former Cyprus College) at Nicosia on 6 and 7 March. The Educational support will have both GR.A.F.T.S. Hellas, the largest and most historic educational organization on Fitness in Greece and Cyprus and Radical Fitness the worldwide Group Training organization of pre-choreographed and pre-structured programs. The conference will be under the supervision of the company Provision for Sports.

The 3rd Pankyprian Wellness & Fitness Conference will be divided in four key areas:
• Main Conference (Group Fitness)
• Informative presentations (New Products, New Issues)
• Specialized Training Workshops (Personal Training)
• Collateral events (Fitness Expo)

The Conference subjects are the main incentive to participate and they will largely cover the needs of any Fitness Professional. The world wide rising Market of Fitness and the shift of Personal Training, Sports Management and Lifestyle, it is impossible to leave unaffected this sporting event that is every year on the top of developments.

In the Conference will be both practical and theoretical modules from Leading International Presenters. Also they will be workshops, which aim to improve, enrich and update the knowledge of the participants in particular new Fitness objects like Personal Training - Vibration - Yoga - Dance - Fitness Management - Jumper, UBound - Trampoline, Rad Kidz - Kids Aerobic. The conference will be under the exclusive support of the three cooperating organizations of teachers GR.A.F.T.S. Hellas:

People in Motion (Marc Oliver Kluike) - Germany
Pilates Coach (Bender Leslee) - USA
Yoga Works - USA

At the conference will be presented for the first time in Cyprus in total, the system of the collective pre-choreographed and pre-structured Group Fitness Programs of Radical Fitness. The company offers to the Cypriot market 10 unique and innovative Group Fitness Programs.

The Target Market of the conference will be the professionals engaged in the Fitness Industry, Group Exercise Trainers, Personal Trainers, Yoga Trainers, Pilates Trainers, Vibration Trainers, Managers as well as ordinary visitors with a passion for exercise.

Objectives of the conference are:
• The enrichment and the knowledge update of the Professional Trainers in the latest and safest developments in mass sports
• The presentation of new products in Fitness in accordance with the standards of the global market
• The coupling of relations between the participants but also to those involved and supports the event,
• The coupling of the relations between the participants and the companies participating or supporting the event with Educational Institutions GR.A.F.T.S. Hellas and Radical Fitness and the organizing company Provision for Sports, with a view to promote public health through exercise.

Terms & Conditions

1. The conference is allowed only to those who have submitted the relevant application form and settled financially.
2. The entrance and exit in the conference room is allowed only to participants who will have the special card, which they will receive in the process of registration or checking. The participants should have it during the conference.
3. The check in will start on Saturday 6th March 2010 at 11:00...