Business Consulting
Event Management

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Event Management Services

In particular we offer the following services:

1. Concept identification

2. Market Research

3. Event Budgeting

4. Event Planning

5. Target groups segmentation

6. Strategic Date and Venue Selection

7. Event Sponsorship Negotiation and Support

8. Marketing Plan and Promotion Strategies Implementation

9. Database Management Control

10. Strategic Program Selection

11. Venue development Support

12. Audio & Visual Support

13. Event Accessories & Promotional Items Support

14. Catering Support

15. Logistical Planning

16. Negotiation of hotel reservations/airline travel discount for attendees

17. Legal assistance and Permits Support

18. Insurance Support

19. Entertainment and other necessary event services Support

20. Customer Service Operation Planning

21. Crowd Control

22. Registration & Evaluation Forms Support

23. Applicants Database Management

24. Press kit Publications Support

25. Event Human Resource Management

26. Event Plan Implementation

27. Provision of closing financial report

28. Evaluation

29. Post Event Publication

30. Follow up